Travelling around the world with money, let alone for free, is a daunting task. If you’re going to travel around the world for free, sooner than later you are going to have to hit the streets for a night outdoors. Understandably, it is not such an appealing prospect. You will be exposed to the elements, and you are more likely to bump into thugs,crazy homeless people and devious drug dealers. If I were you I wouldn’t do this.

GOOGLE ‘How to travel around the world for free’….you will get a few websites claiming it is possible. The blunt truth is no one in their right frame of mind should even contemplate doing this. We don’t either.

What I meant by travelling around the world for free is to travel without spending your hard earned money. We have travelled to more than 100 cities worldwide for the past 30 years not with our hard earned money…but with ‘free money’.

Then where did this ‘free money’ come from ???? It came from two sources actually. I will share with you one source now ( the other one I will share once we have created an automated system)….its INTERNET MARKETING. I have not revealed until now since this is not for everybody. Basically its not as easy as many thought…its actually very difficult. Until recently…

Recently I have the opportunity to work with Patric Chan and Simon Leung on a very special project…to create PASSIVE WEALTH SYSTEM. If you haven’t heard about both these internet marketing gurus..just Google.



This PASSIVE WEALTH SYSTEM is basically an instant eCommerce business. The truth is, it’s actually easy to make some money online with an eCommerce business, but what’s really important is this — you want to build a solid business to create wealth for you, not making some measly dollars.

But the problem is…

It costs a lot of money to start an eCommerce business, and it’s also a big challenge to get million-dollar products that people would want to buy from you every month.

And if you are planning to start one, here are the 3 secrets to making it profitable:

1. The Product
The secret is to sell a “consumption-based” product instead of a one-time off product because if you just sell a one-time off product, you’ll need to continue looking for new customers. And the most practical consumption-based eCommerce product is none other than wellness supplements.

2. Build an Army of Affiliates
Look at the biggest eCommerce business in this world – how did Amazon build and grow its business so large and profitable? Well, it leverages on affiliates to promote their products.

Imagine this… what if… there are hundreds of other people promoting for you for free? Or even thousands? Even if you just get a small piece of the profit, it’s BETTER than zero.

3. Sell a “Permanently Available” Product
I’ve heard horror stories of eCommerce marketers who need to close their eCommerce business because they are no longer able to acquire their flagship products to sell on their online stores.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? With the right system and guidance, you’ll be able to achieve success — don’t let your dream vanish.

The good news is, I believe I have the solution for you — not only you can get an instant eCommerce business to sell cutting-edge products, but you’ll also get the training on how to promote your new business.

*EVERYTHING* is ready to go…everything has been done and automated for you. You just need to click, copy and paste…and the market is global, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The truth is we have been making passive income for almost a year now with this amazing eCommerce business, and I now want to share it with you…not only share but at the same time be our partner. We have cracked the code for you!!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.22.16 PM

If you choose not to be our partner, you still can use the automated internet marketing system to market anything that is marketable…this toolkit can jumpstart your internet marketing journey. To do it from scratch on your own would be..well not easy.

Some wise words from Ali Baba’s Jack Ma (richest man in China).

Click below to get started now (before it’s too late…):

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